Arnie Weissmann

Editor in Chief, Travel Weekly

Arnie  WeissmannArnie Weissmann is editor in chief of Travel Weekly, the industry’s award-winning source of news, research, analysis and opinion, and is editorial director of Northstar Travel Media’s Travel Group, which includes Travel Weekly China and Travel Weekly Asia. Weissmann, who also founded Weissmann Reports (now part of Travel 42), is also a popular speaker at industry conferences, is widely quoted in consumer media and is a regular contributor to the PBS television show “The Travel Detective.”
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Are we there yet?

We are all that kid in the back seat, knowing we haven't arrived but unable to stop asking if we're there yet. Does the stream of border openings, cruise restarts and lifting of protocols, quarantine.

Pandemic practices we want to keep

It has been noted that the pandemic accelerated existing trends that had previously advanced at a leisurely pace. Although there's much about the pandemic we want to leave behind, it's hard to ignore the innovations and incremental improvements to daily life that are byproducts of the Covid era.

The pandemic's Book of Genesis

Toward the end of June, I received an email inquiring whether I wanted a review copy of a book titled "Covid-19 & Travel: Impacts, Responses and Outcomes," by Simon Hudson (2020, Goodfellow Publishers).

How travel will be bought and sold in August 2021, Part 1

Ashlock made the point near the beginning of a webinar organized by ASTA on Aug. 24, the day before its Global Live conference began. He joined CNN executive travel editor Brekke Fletcher, Afar editor in chief Julia Cosgrove and Wall Street Journal travel editor Scott McCartney for a panel discussion on "The Future of Travel Distribution.

Surviving, and after

Typically, one searches one's memory for guidance and possible comfort during crises, but Covid-19 is increasingly being characterized as "uncharted territory."