Christoph Hütter

Non-traditional Revenue Manager & Consultant

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As a non-traditional Revenue Manager and Revenue Strategy consultant, Christoph Hütter helps independent hotels and hotel groups gain a competitive advantage, grow, improve their business and build strong relationships with their guests. Christoph started his career as an Austrian in Belgium working for an Italian hotel company. He speaks five languages and has worked with hotels across Europe and North America. Christoph's motto is "I do today what others don’t so I can do tomorrow what others can’t…"

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Is Rate Parity Obsolete?

When OTAs started to undermine rate parity on their end, the question of how to deal with rate parity became somewhat irrelevant. Of course, hotels need to respond in kind.Offer the best rate guarantee.

Beyond Room Revenue - Revenue Management opportunities for 2021 and beyond

Revenue Management has been described as the art of turning away business. I don't think many of us turn a lot of business away these days. There simply is not enough demand to fill our rooms.

How can hotels stand ahead of the curve when demand returns?

Chances are you need to get more done with fewer people. Less staff for obvious reasons and "more done", well, your competition is not sleeping either... Evaluate your SOPs. Which tasks can be automated and what can be fully eliminated? Where can technology help to improve efficiencies? And a fresh set of eyes may work wonders in boosting your hotel's productivity.

Do we need a new revenue management toolkit for 2021?

With first countries having announced Covid-19 vaccines to launch as early as next week (UK) or next month (Belgium), there is light at the end of the tunnel and we can expect demand to (slowly) return to certain markets.
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