Greg Johnson

Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Newport Hospitality Group

Greg  Johnson

With a passion for the true art of sales, Greg Johnson was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Newport Hospitality Group. He started his hospitality career in full and select hotels in Idaho and Utah. He then moved to Memphis as the Global Director of Sales and Revenue Management Training for Hilton Worldwide where he was responsible for maintaining all sales and revenue management courses for all Hilton brands. Next at White Lodging Services, Greg managed the sales for 35 properties in the company’s portfolio, consisting of Hilton, Marriott, Starwood and Hyatt brands across the United States. In addition to having the best career around, Greg is a distinguished public speaker, emcee, clogger(yes, the dance), bowtie aficionado, husband and father of three.

Insights by Greg Johnson (3)

You Know You’re a Hotelier When…

I truly believe the word 'hospitality' really means: everything that can go wrong in a hotel will, and at the worst possible time! Having spent almost two decades working in the industry, I have experienced a lot of truly unique and sometimes just plain absurd happenings.

Now is the Worst Time for Hoteliers to Stop Selling

We are all dealing with a crisis that is unprecedented, causing us to rethink the way we tackle our everyday jobs and how people are traveling. This is causing our hotels to run with a skeleton crew, all sharing in the responsibilities of the various tasks needing to be done.

What a Sparkplug Teaches about Hotel Operations During a Crisis

We are seeing occupancies declining, groups canceling and jobs being lost. It is easy for hoteliers to get caught up in the vortex of panic and depression. Up until now, many sales leaders have assumed the role of the hotel sparkplug, filled with energy and optimism to cast an uplifting aura throughout the back of the house.