Jessica Kaiser

Owner and CEO of Hawthorn Creative

Jessica KaiserJessica Kaiser single-handedly launched the full-service hospitality marketing agency, Hawthorn Creative, in 2001 and serves as their CEO and head coach to this day. She has a proven track record of rolling up her sleeves and helping resorts, event venues, and destinations spark connections with their guests through forward-thinking design, content, and strategy. From industry giants like Four Seasons and Fairmont to boutique hotels and independent venues, Jess is best known for educating, supporting, and inspiring brands to market smarter and drive more business.
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When Everyone’s an Influencer: Here’s How to Choose One

In the modern digital age, social media is more popular and has more users than ever before. This social media boom has created a very lucrative industry for influencers, whether they're celebrities using it as an additional revenue stream or a career influencer who built a following by epitomizing trends and churning out inspiration content for followers.

Questions Any Agency Handling Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing Strategy Should Be Able to Answer

The biggest challenge of digital hotel marketing is oversaturation. In an OTA, Airbnb, and HomeAway world there is stiff competition and direct bookings are becoming harder to come by. So, how do you stand out from the crowd online and convert? Well, first things first, to avoid disappearing into the white noise of the web, you have to partner with the right marketing agency.