Richard Bradbury

VP of Strategy & Alliances, Quore

Richard BradburyRichard Bradbury is an industry veteran with over 35 years of experience in hospitality product management, operations and technology as both a vendor and hotelier. As VP of Strategy & Alliances at Quore, he focuses on leveraging technology to drive operational efficiency in hospitality as well as developing critical strategy for Quore’s future success. He leads Quore’s vendor program to unify business goals with technology. Richard brings hotel experience to the realm of emerging technology in order to bridge the gap between the two industries. In the process, he has become a voice for each perspective—uniting each for the common goal of providing an exceptional guest experience. Contact Richard at [email protected]
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Hospitality Industry Steps Up to Fight COVID-19

Unprecedented. A word we seem to read in every story since the novel coronavirus turned our lives upside down. There are children out of school, employees working remote, and families barred together by nothing but their front doors and the possibility of what's outside them.