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Hospitality Insights content editor at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Beatrice VenturiniBeatrice Venturini is a Hospitality Insights content editor at EHL with a background in music research, radio and journalism.

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Teaching wine skills at EHL’s Berceau des Sens restaurant

Young EHL students are faced with the daunting task of mastering grape names, wine regions, flavors, along with some artful wrist action in just 10 days as part of their Service Skills trainee program.

Sustainability In Tourism: The Socio-Cultural Lens

In October 2020, EHL hosted its annual Sustainability Week with a vast array of online seminars, activities and discussion panels. Considering the current impact on the hospitality industry of ongoing COVID-19, the theme of sustainable tourism is more than ever a relevant and urgent topic.

Choose Right For Your Type: Pasta Shapes And Their Sauce

"There is a pasta shape and recipe for each day of the year and more! In Italy there are over 600 different pasta shapes on the market and new inventions every day, so there is always something new to discover and taste.

The magical properties of Tea: a personal and factual journey

A Brit: "Would you like a cup of tea?" An Italian: "Why, do I look unwell?" Born and raised in an Italian household in London, I didn't come into contact with the empire-building beverage until I was 18 and at university in a different town.

Diversifying to stay alive: A Sicilian food truck story in Milan

Milan received a hard knock earlier on this year with a very long and strict lockdown that affected all lives and businesses. Tiziana and Basilio Santoro had been running an authentic and popular Sicilian food truck ('BEDDA') in Milan for the past 5 years, specializing in the island's particular brand of tasty and unforgettable street food, when COVID-19 struck and momentarily shut down all operations.
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