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Hospitality Insights content editor at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Beatrice VenturiniBeatrice Venturini is a Hospitality Insights content editor at EHL with a background in music research, radio and journalism.

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Hospitality With Heart: Successfully Branching Out Into The Pandemic Relief Effort

Since the worldwide safety measures to combat COVID-19 were announced two months ago, much has been written about the disastrous impact of lockdown on industry, none more sensitive than the sector of F&B, hotels, airlines and travel.

COVID-19 and the Ensuing Design Changes to Hospitality Spaces

An interview with Monika Moser, Regional Managing Director at Wilson Associates, specialists in innovating hospitality architecture and design for luxury and boutique brands. Monika also featured as guest speaker in last month's EHL webinar "The Impact of COVID-19 on Hotel Real Estate", where her views on the inevitable changes to the future look of hospitality design shed a practical light on what hotels and restaurants post COVID-19 should be bearing in mind, along with the even more important theme of shifting values of their future customers.

Michelin Stars Shining Brightly in Unusual Places

Who said that setting up shop in a central, fancy location with state of the art decor was the way to secure a Michelin star? These three examples showcase the fact everything is possible, award-wise, if your produce is top quality, carefully-sourced, imaginatively put together and consistently delicious.

Sous Vide: Taking the Heat out of Cooking

Sous vide, the French term for "under-vacuum," is a method of precision cooking in which food is vacuum-sealed, then submerged in a water bath at a specifically regulated temperature and gently cooked.

More than a Pretty Playlist: Music as a Strategic Marketing Tool

These days, fine-tuning your musical decor in harmony with your venue is becoming a big song and dance. To quote digital analyst and thought leader, Brian Solis: "Capturing a moment and turning it into an experience is key to the future of business.
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