Ajay Mehtani

Senior Vice President Asset Management South Asia at HVS Anarock

Ajay MehtaniAjay has had extensive experience with over 25+ years in Hospitality, FMCG, Private Equity & Technology solution companies during which he has worked with several leading domestic and international companies. He has PGD in Hotel Administration and a PGD in Marketing Management and has certifications in Business Strategy, Digital Marketing & Fundamentals of Revenue Management. In his previous roles, he has been Regional Director Sales & Marketing South West Asia IHG, Chief of Asset Management for Private Equity Investor Duet India Hotels and Regional Director South Asia for New Builds & Transitions with Starwood Hotels prior to its merger with Marriott International. Contact Ajay at [email protected]

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HVS Monday Musings: Dynamic Pricing, Perishability, Decoupling in India's Service Industry

We have heard these words often enough while discussing pricing, revenue management and demand management in our industry. We try and analyze our current approach and what the future may entail in case we wish our hotels to improve yields.

HVS Monday Musings: The Onus lies with Us – Rebuilding Trust to Get Back Guests to Eat & Stay With Us!

After a prolonged lockdown, our industry is gradually picking up the threads and rekindling operations with one of the immediate tasks being rebuilding guest confidence and trust. This is easier said than done as the guests are more cautious than ever and are watching closely! No amount of third-party certification will get you a repeat purchase if the guest does not feel 'safe' within your premises.

HVS Monday Musings: Improving Hotel ROI – Thinking Out of Box from Design to Operations

As an industry there is a need to make hotels more viable. The pandemic has taught us to rethink in this direction and develop hotel assets that can drive higher ROI. It can only be done when we look at making changes from Design to Operations.

HVS Monday Musings: Why Professional Asset Management Adds Value to Hotel Investors?

The role of a professional Asset Manager has traditionally been underplayed in India, even though the expertise brought in by a quality Asset Manager can yield great results for Investors. This is already a proven fact in several mature markets where Hotel Investors extensively use their services.

Marketing in Uncharted Waters - The COVID Era

It's a tough world, a difficult & unprecedented situation as the hospitality sector is on a standstill globally! So, should Marketing Spends be put on hold during this time? Should we all go home and hope to return when demand picks? No.
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