René-Ojas Woltering

PhD, Assistant Professor of Real Estate Finance at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

René-Ojas WolteringRené-Ojas Woltering holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration from the University of Regensburg. His research interests include real estate investment vehicles, investment strategies, and issues relevant to the hospitality industry. His publications have appeared in scholarly journals such as the Journal of Banking and Finance, Real Estate Economics, and the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. Dr. Woltering has gained valuable experience in the real asset management, investment management, and consulting industry. He is also awardee of several finance & investment competitions.

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EHL’s Institute of Real Estate, Finance & Economics is pleased to present the first update of the European Hotel Transaction Price Index that was initially launched last year. In 2020, European hotel transaction prices decreased on average by 11.

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EHL's Real Estate, Finance & Economics Institute presents the first edition of the European Hotel Transaction Price Index. This project aims to contribute to increased transparency in the European hotel industry by publishing the index on an annual basis.

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