Alan Someck

Full Service Hospitality Consultant

Alan  Someck

Alan is a 30 year operator of high volume restaurants, in which he has managed all facets of the business. In his consulting practice, he has worked with many clients to develop their concepts. For the past 10 years, Alan also has taught at the Institute for Culinary Education in NYC and at NYIT where he has taught all aspects of the restaurant business. His students have opened fast casual restaurants, cafes, bakeries and fine dining operations. In addition, Alan has worked with clients to develop food products for market such as protein bars, cookies and brownies. He has also directed 7 EPA grants to train operators in Green sustainable practices. Throughout his career, Alan has supported the success of entrepreneurs through executive coaching and training. He has created an extensive network of industry professional who he works with on a regular basis. His experience and expertise has led to him develop a well regarded expert witness practice.

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