Vijay Thacker

Managing Director Horwath HTL India

Vijay Thacker

A Chartered Accountant with over 38 years of experience in public accounting, Vijay Thacker, Managing Director of Horwath HTL India, has worked as a consultant in the hotel and tourism industry for over three decades.

Insights by Vijay Thacker (3)

India: Evolving the Service Playbook

As the hotel sector prepares for life after the second wave (W2), we must recognise that this was not the same as W1.

A Time For Reflection

Spring has sprung a spiked surprise, second year running. And sadly caught us napping again. Lockdowns abound, soaring hopes have been negated; frustration and despair are rising – in different measures and pressures, depending on a person's station in life, and business responsibility.

Staying Ahead Through Change

The standstill enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic gives hotels the opportunities to move towards changes that will arise when hotels re-open. New learnings must be imbibed and actions purposefully directed.