Robb Monkman

Founder and CEO, of React Mobile Inc.

Robb Monkman Robb Monkman is the founder and CEO, of React Mobile Inc. A seasoned entrepreneur with experience launching multiple products, from idea to exit. Several years ago, Robb was the victim of an armed robbery and hostage situation that left a lasting impression on him. He soon learned that thousands of people every day were in situations where they desperately need help but could not make a call. He made it his mission to solve this problem, founding React Mobile to create a simple yet powerful personal safety platform that today is transforming the way people call for help in emergencies. React Mobile is making tomorrow a safer place and already helping people all over the world.
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When It Comes to Employee Safety, ‘Don’t Wait’ to React

Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes hope of a rebounding hospitality industry. With people now vaccinated, properties now adopting enhanced cleaning policies, and social distancing practices and contactless technologies now in place, hoteliers are focusing on hiring and training employees.

Checking Temperatures at Clock-In & Check-In is the Next Evolution of Employee, Guest Safety

"Enabling Security Everywhere" has been the focus of React Mobile since its inception. Our company was founded on the principle of making safety simple for every hotel employee through technology. While COVID-19 has been devastating to everyone in the travel and hospitality industries, it appears to have a silver lining: The hotel industry is improving the safety of hotel workers everywhere.

10 Reasons Why Panic Buttons are a Must-Have Hotel Technology for 2021 and Beyond

With the sweeping implementation of new safety standards and legislations, hoteliers are quickly shifting focus towards employee protection. Recent world events have led to a notable development of a new employee safety culture in hotels and protecting those working alone in guestrooms or other remote areas who frequently find themselves in vulnerable, risk-oriented situations needs to take precedence.

Today’s New Employee Safety Culture is Benefitting Hotel Workers, Guests in Big Ways

A new safety culture has emerged in hospitality that places employee protection at the core of operations. Prior to the global pandemic, hoteliers were already rolling out employee safety devices (ESDs) per legislative mandates and commitments to industry programs like the American Hotel & Lodging Assn.

Episode 2: Hawaii Hotels Say 'Aloha' to Safety

In this episode, Robb Monkman chats with Ryan Doi, Corporate Director of Information Systems for Prince Resorts Hawaii ̶ the first hotel company to implement employee safety devices in the island state.
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