Hanley Chew

Creator of first ever Hotel Tales series in Asia

Hanley  ChewThe creator of first ever Hotel Tales series in Asia, Hanley has inspired many hoteliers to share their fun and intriguing encounters. What began with one simple book to reveal drama, mysterious episodes, some accidental lessons and unanticipated twists, Hanley went on to publish the 2nd and 3rd book in the Hotel Tales series. A seasoned hotelier of over 25 years who has led many major and listed corporations across the globe, Hanley loves to encourage hoteliers with untold stories and exhilarating experiences to share with the rest.

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Time for the Hotel Industry to “Remove the Box”

The hotel industry is one of the worst-hit industries during this crisis. A lot of studies have been conducted to help us understand the impact on the economy and our organization's bottom-line. Industry experts, through their various associations, have predicted that the average hotel occupancy in Malaysia for the year will stand at around 25% or less.