Neil J. Flavin

Senior Vice President at HVS

Neil J. FlavinNeil Flavin is a seasoned veteran in the Hospitality industry. He brings over 35 years of experience in working, managing, operations and portfolio responsibilities. Neil’s responsibilities have not only included working most every operating position within hotels, ranging from Select/Limited-Service through Luxury properties. His experience with owner relations has assisted with increased profitability and increased owner asset value in varying markets from rural to NYC. With the oversight of a portfolio of hotels in size from 20 to 45 at any given time he has successfully acted as a liaison between owner, franchisee and franchisor. Neil has also assisted in development as well bringing new opportunities to the company. Neil is directly responsible for the oversight of the company managed hotels as well as heavily involved in Asset Management and Consulting as needed. Contact Neil at +1 (763) 591-7640 or [email protected]

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