Natwar Nagar

Managing Partner at Hotelivate

Natwar NagarNatwar Nagar spearheads the Executive Search practice at Hotelivate. With more than 25 years of experience in the domain of Human Resources, His career began as an HR Manager in Manufacturing and has since, been instrumental in setting up the HVS Executive Search practice in India. Numerous success stories from across industries are a testament to a decade and a half of his devotion towards Executive Search. His careful analysis of attrition trends and availability of required Executive pool has assisted him in venturing into non-hospitality sectors such as real estate, education and manufacturing. In addition to his professional dedication, he is a fitness enthusiast and a spirited philanthropist.
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The BC and AC of Hoteliering

The world has suddenly changed. Like most sectors, the global hospitality industry is in shock and dismay watching a pandemic wipe out the dreams of millions. This unprecedented event, whose consequences we cannot yet imagine, has left us speculating about its financial, economic, social and political cost.