Adam Knight

Owner and Principal at Knowing Hospitality

Adam  Knight

Adam Knight is the Owner and Principal at Knowing Hospitality, a full service hotel management and consulting company that operates hotels on behalf of owners and lenders. I’m a luxury hospitality veteran and operations strategist who has been increasing customer satisfaction and making businesses more profitable for over two decades. I love the left brain/right brain dichotomy of the hospitality industry. One minute you’re diving in to a P&L, the next you’re tasting the new seasonal menu in the restaurant. My passion truly lies in understanding how things work and making them better, be it small service experience or large- scale project management.

Insights by Adam Knight (4)

Five Ways To Improve Service In Your Hotel

With everything that the past year has brought, it's completely expected (and normal) that a handful of basics have fallen off but as occupancy starts to pick up and basics aren't brought back in line quickly, your hotel could start to see more negative reviews than normal; and since overall reviews are down, it could be much harder to dig out of a slew of negative reviews, pushing you down the list and making it harder to grow your occupancy at the same (or better) rate than the market.

Returning to Hospitality Operations

Unless a property is seasonal, most hotels aren't built to be closed. Ask around and you'll find that many hospitality professionals have never gone through the process of closing or opening a hotel.

The First 100 Days

As we start to understand our new normal, there's an opportunity for savvy managers and business owners to outline an action plan that will launch them out of their current situation and provide the momentum needed to be successful in our new normal.

The Five Changes Expected in the Hotel Industry

Returning to operations in our new environment is sure to bring many expected and unexpected challenges. Between figuring out social distancing protocols and mitigating risk throughout the property, hotels will be contending with a lot as we move through the coming months and years.