Ryan Hamilton

Co-Founder, and Bluebuzzard Technology Group

Ryan HamiltonRyan is a seasoned leader in conference planning and management with more than 20 years of experience in hospitality sales, marketing and administration. His background includes executive positions at HelmsBriscoe and Omni Hotels as well as work in senior hospitality staff recruitment. Ryan has co-founded two start-up companies with custom products that led to impressive client growth. He implements collaborative strategies with clients to provide reasonably priced, personalized services with a quality on par with the largest providers in the hospitality field.

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Why It’s Time for Hotels to Prioritize Long-Term Controlled Spending

After the year that was 2020, 2021 seems to be a period defined by cautious optimism. A world on the precipice of a long-awaited reopening, with a predicted surge of social and economic activity ready to shift our respective communities from the ‘new’ normal to the normal we once knew.

How Can Your Hotel Win More Sales in a Changed World?

Hospitality is a notoriously competitive landscape, one in which business is earned, not given. This will remain to be true as we move beyond the restrictions of a year-long pandemic, with prospective travelers hungry for new experiences, new landscapes, and renewed connections with peers, colleagues, friends, and family.

Hospitality Technology and Forced Migrations: A Bad Break-Up Story

A hotelier's decision to invest in technology is not merely a purchase; instead, it marks the beginning of a relationship between vendor and customer. One party provides the service and/or software, and the other party leverages it to enhance their offering.

When it Comes to Hotel Sales in Unconventional Times - One Size Definitely Does Not Fit All

We've always known, in the abstract, that there is no specific "roadmap to success." But of course, companies start to map out a route to their desired destination in any business or industry. There are wrong turns, short-cuts, some obstacles but, ultimately, we trust that we will find our way.

The Hospitality Industry In 2020: What a Wild Ride

Oh, what a year it has been. That statement may mean something different to each of us, but surely, we can agree on the general sentiment it provides. If 2020 felt both like a whirlwind and the slowest year on record, I can relate.
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