Christoph Hoffmann

Owner & Editor of UG

Christoph HoffmannChristoph is a strong, result orientated, profit and quality-focused management consultant, combining in-depth university education, hands-on operational experience. He combines an entrepreneurial mindset with excellent interpersonal and people skills and brings sound analytical and strategic planning expertise to every project. Christoph is a though-leader in the field of hospitality Housekeeping; he initiated and manages one of the largest housekeeping focused online groups on LinkedIn , which brings housekeeping professionals together from across the globe. His specialties are identifying, implementing, managing and controlling relevant KPIs; Change Management; Continuous Improvement; Innovation; Digitalisation and Digital Transformation; Project Management; Product Management.
Insights by Christoph Hoffmann (3)

Outsourced housekeeping - the panacea to all our housekeeping woes?

It's a very interesting subject: the quality of service delivered by the housekeeping department shouldn't be defined by the employment type of the employees. Housekeeping operations, usually only seen as a cost centre, are delivering an essential service to hotels - without this service hotels don't have their core product available: a clean hotel room.

Is Housekeeping Moving From The Back To The Front Of The House?

Housekeeping professionals always played an important role in delivering the guest journey: behind the scene [Heart (not Back!) of House] and guest-facing. While the service delivered by housekeeping professionals in hotels is designed to be invisible - just as cleaning happens by magic, the presence of the housekeeping team as ambassadors of the hotel was always part of the role.

Does the post-COVID era require a different skillset from housekeepers?

In the face of COVID-19, it seems that housekeeping professionals are required to (re-)activate their skill set; which already includes the management of complex projects. For the seasoned housekeeping professional managing the complex task of ensuring cleanliness, hygiene, and COVID-19 safety for guests and staff, is most likely not an issue.