Megha Tuli

Partner & Co-Founder at Hotelivate

Megha TuliA graduate of École hôtelière de Lausanne, Megha chose HVS South Asia as the starting point in her career – one that has been witness to an enriching and diverse set of experiences. Megha grew through the ranks at HVS quickly and was the youngest Associate Director of Consulting & Valuation before launching a food tech company focused on Indian food. As founder, she set out to provide an experience that captured the essence of the various culinary experiences that have been an integral part of the gastronomic history of India. As the business reached a stable operating state, Megha decided that it was time to move on in search of her next challenge. As Co-founder of Hotelivate, Megha is responsible for the overall planning and execution of business and ensuring the ongoing growth strategy of the firm. Her drive to create well thought-out and structured solutions and her unique ability to craft business ideas for all things hospitality makes Megha a highly sought-after industry person.
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Road to Recovery Through Revenue Management

The COVID-19 crisis has brought the Travel & Tourism sector to a gruelling halt. The resulting global lockdown has pushed hotels to deal with unprecedented changes in demand and capacity and forced many properties to remain temporarily closed for business; a first in our lifetime.