Fiona Gillen

VP Marketing, The Hotels Network

Fiona Gillen

With a marketing career spanning 20 years, the majority of which in the hospitality industry, Fiona is truly passionate about hotel tech. As part of The Hotels Network team, she works closely with hotel brands around the world to think creatively about hotel marketing and how to personalize the online guest experience to drive more direct bookings.

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Tomorrow starts now with HSMAI Europe - Exploring the beauty of focus in a strong hotel brand

During this interactive session, we will follow the captivating story of the creation of the quintessential Amerikalinjen brand in Oslo and its incredibly successful launch.- What are the steps to building a compelling hotel brand that stands out from the crowd?- How do you ensure that the brand is incorporated into absolutely everything, from hotel design to marketing communications and more?- Is there a need to adapt your hotel’s branding strategy during the current market challenges?Sit back, listen and engage with fellow hoteliers as we take the Amerikalinjen example as a springboard to discuss together everything related to the wonderful world of hotel branding.

What is the Direct Booking Index™ (DBI) and why should all hotel brands be tracking it?

As our industry strives for recovery, it's becoming even more critical for hotel brands to build a strong direct channel strategy that guarantees long-term success. In terms of benchmarking metrics for hotels, however, there has been little focus on the direct channel, despite its growing importance in the industry.

Netflix - what can hoteliers possibly learn from the megabrand’s success?

For the very few who may not know, Netflix is a media sharing and streaming service that allows its subscribers to watch a variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries and other viewable content without the burden of exterior adverts.