Danny Hudson

Global Strategy, Data & Technology Leader

Danny HudsonDanny Hudson is a global strategy, data & technology leader, with experience in high volume transactional retail, multi-channel commerce and technology transformation, Danny has helped a number of companies through their transition to next generation technologies. Danny has spent his career adding value to the hotel and travel industries as a consultant, an executive for hotel/travel companies or as an executive for a technology company. Danny is currently volunteering with the Hospitality Upgrade team working as the liaison with AHLA. Danny has worked across the globe and lived in Australia, Japan and the US.
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AHLA’s National Day of Action—Save Hotel Jobs – Wednesday July 29, 2020

It comes as no surprise that the hotel industry is hurting. The drop in travel and occupancy was quickly reflected in the supplier community, group and event locations, technology companies and the wide array of companies that service the hotels that welcome the world's travelers.