Linda Vallner

Vice President Business Development at protel hotelsoftware GmbH

Linda VallnerLinda joined protel in 2017 to further expand protel’s market reach and safeguard the relation between software and business development, the key to innovation and authentic market leadership. With more than 17 years of hospitality technology experience, throughout her career, Linda is deeply involved in all aspects of the customer life cycle, from global roll-out management, deployment of certification processes to building technical service delivery teams. Having served as Director of OPERA for Europe, Africa & the Middle East at MICROS Inc. for several years, she is intimately familiar with the technology requirements of the largest global hotel groups. Before joining protel, she served as Sales Consulting Director for Enterprise & Strategic Accounts at Oracle Hospitality.
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6 Reasons Why The protel Cloud PMS Will Save Hotels From Post-COVID Extinction

Let's start by asking ourselves if there ever will be a post-COVID era - has the world not changed so much that we will one day look back and consider the time to be either before or after "VIRUS AWARENESS" became a global phenomenon? The time hospitality showed its resiliency, the time we went to virus-war and won.

Visioning a Post-COVID Era in Cloud PMS

Imagine all the chaos if you had to hire a consultant to come to your home and set up ZOOM on your computer at the onset of beginning of COVID-19. This is the state of “cloud” PMS technology in the hospitality industry.