Gina Ciarrocchi Zech

Associate Director of Digital Marketing at Pegasus

Gina Ciarrocchi ZechGina's digital marketing approach is founded on the in-depth data-mining capabilities required of an agency-bred paid search marketer. Read: Quantification and efficiency are two of her favorite words, next to wine and pizza. As an Associate Director of Digital Marketing at Pegasus, you're most likely to find her knee-deep in spreadsheets looking for nuggets of wisdom that move the needle for clients. Contact her at [email protected]

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Google Is Eliminating Third-Party Cookies — What Does That Mean for Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing?

Earlier this year, Google announced it would phase out third-party cookies from its Chrome browser over the next two years. Marketers have since been speculating on the negative consequences this could have on targeted campaigns and reaching new customers.

Road To Recovery: Turning Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing Back On

Many hotels went dark on digital marketing during the start of coronavirus lockdowns, cutting budgets and turning off campaigns. As hotels slowly reopen, many marketing and e-commerce managers are grappling with how to restart their digital marketing efforts.