Eugene Jones

CEO at RoomOrders, Inc.

Eugene B. Jones

Eugene B. Jones, is a former long-time journalist for leading news outlets like AP, New York Times and The International Herald Tribune and marketing consultant for global giants like Vodafone, Red Bull and KPMG. His vision is to bring hospitality into the Low Touch Economy, particularly interconnecting hotels and resorts, restaurants, bars and cafes into a digital ecosystem or community via guest/customer smart phones.

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The future is touchless. What future?

You will have to forgive me for being a bit dark. COVID-19 is jangling my nerves and work, the pursuit of excellence and client satisfaction are not high up on my priority list right now, compared to more existential things like life, and survival.

Visioning a Post-COVID Era in Guest-Facing Tech

Since its onset, the global health pandemic has undoubtedly represented an upheaval of the hospitality market with virtually all industry professionals recognizing a need to reevaluate their offerings to conform to new guest needs, behaviors and expectations.

Can RoomOrders kill COVID-19?

A friend of mine who is high up in the finance world said congratulations to me the other day. He said he noticed in the media that RoomOrders appeared to be doing well in these dire circumstances and that he takes his hat off to me.