Lily Mockerman

Co-Founder of ThinkUp Enterprises and CEO of partner company Total Customized Revenue Management (TCRM)

Lily MockermanLily Mockerman demonstrates well-honed analytical skills, experienced foresight, technical savvy in many hotel systems, and the ability to clearly communicate vision and strategy to her clients and team. Seeing an opportunity to grow with the industry in a broader role, Lily founded TCRM to deliver strategic Revenue Management solutions, particularly focused on solid practices around Total Revenue Management. Lily and Kathryn have again expanded the Revenue Management field with ThinkUp Enterprises, focusing on their clients’ path to profitable progress and sustainable legacies.
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5 Scary Topics for your Next Hotel Strategy Meeting

The absolute best Hotel Strategy Meetings are many things - engaging, animated, results-oriented, productive, decisive, relevant, and maybe even enjoyable. We like to say that this meeting should be the single most important hour of the week for strategy and decision-making.