Pierre Agrario

Vice President of Account Management and Business Development at Bartech International

Pierre AgrarioPierre Agrario brings many years of expertise in serving the in-room self-service needs of the hospitality industry as Vice President of Account Management and Business Development for Bartech. Since 2007, Pierre has played a central role in forging and strengthening relationships with customers around the world, ensuring that they have access to the latest in minibar technologies that satisfy guest demands for instant convenience while maximizing hotel efficiency and revenues. As global hospitality markets continue to adapt their offerings to enhance contactless service abilities, Pierre also leverages his knowledge to demonstrate how advanced minibar solutions can provide guests seeking to social distance with the means to still fulfill an array of suddenly arising needs from the safety of their guestrooms. Based in Las Vegas, Pierre is fluent in both English and French, and is responsible for ensuring the implementation of seamless minibar operations for many of the industry’s major global hotel brands.

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