Ron Swidler

Chief Innovation Officer, The Gettys Group

Ron SwidlerWith a passion for pioneering innovative approaches to hospitality design, Ron identifies new strategic growth initiatives for The Gettys Group family of companies. His vision led to the founding of Gettys ONE—our interior design group dedicated to branded hotels—and our branding group—where he led design and strategic thinking projects for boutique properties, large industry events and international brands. He is currently leading a new phase of The Hotel of Tomorrow® Project, aimed at addressing the new needs that have arisen for hospitality in 2020 through collaborative innovation.
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The Hotel of Tomorrow® Project - Five Big Ideas and the Trends That Drove Them

When we restarted The Hotel of Tomorrow® Project back in June, we didn't know where the project would ultimately lead us, but we were eager to start solving the new design and operational challenges facing our industry.