Gregory Autin

Managing director of AUTIN&Co (AUTIN GmbH)

Gregory Autin

Gregory is managing director of AUTIN&Co (AUTIN GmbH) and the subject matter expert behind the Pecunica™ knowledge base ( and online learning platform.

Gregory is a consultant in the real estate and finance industries with over 30 years' experience. He is a real estate, finance and hospitality industry subject matter expert, investment and finance broker, educator, curriculum advisor, author of content and articles, glossaries and online courses.

He is the organizer of the Hotel Development & Investment workshop/forum and other such events for the real estate, finance and hospitality industries. He is also an active advocate of sustainable development.

Insights by Gregory Autin (20)

What is Crowdlending?

Any credit activity facilitated by an online electronic platform that matches loans with lender interest is variably called "crowdlending", “loan-based crowdfunding”, “P2P lending” or “marketplace lending”.

What Are The CRE Debt Instruments?

Real estate bonds are fixed-income capital market instruments that are secured by income-producing property (IPP). They come in the form of a property or mortgage bond.

What are CRE credit and ESG risks?

The first-lien mortgage is the senior-most loan secured by real estate having priority claim against a property. It is first in the chronological order in which all mortgage loans are filed and recorded and payment upon the property's disposition.

What Is Commercial Real Estate Lending?

Commercial real estate lending is provided to finance income-producing property that is to be built, to refinance and restructure existing real estate financing, and to acquire distressed or non-performing loans (NPLs).

What Are Sustainable Hotel Operations?

Sustainable Human Factors (People)In the United States, hotel management companies typically employ all hotel staff. Outside the US, the owners of hotel property typically employ hotel staff and liable for all employee claims, while the management company only assigns certain personnel to serve in key positions.
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