Gregory Autin

Managing director of AUTIN&Co (AUTIN GmbH)

Gregory Autin

Gregory is managing director of AUTIN&Co (AUTIN GmbH) and the subject matter expert behind the Pecunica™ knowledge base ( and online learning platform.

Gregory is a consultant in the real estate and finance industries with over 30 years' experience. He is a real estate, finance and hospitality industry subject matter expert, investment and finance broker, educator, curriculum advisor, author of content and articles, glossaries and online courses.

He is the organizer of the Hotel Development & Investment workshop/forum and other such events for the real estate, finance and hospitality industries. He is also an active advocate of sustainable development.

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What are Hotel Property Developers

Property Developers; Hotel Developer Responsibilities

What is Hotel Development?

Property development is the development of real estate. The property development life cycle starts with the launch of a development project and ends with project exit and usually the sale of the property by the developer.