Sean Skellie

Principal Consultant at Grey Hospitality

Sean SkellieSean was a partner in IDM Hospitality for 14 years with a focus on boutique hotel product development, property management and overall project feasibility. His core strength is performing the market study and feasibility analysis for projects that are both independent and franchise properties. Clients have relied on Sean to enhance the performance of all hotels in the management portfolio and deliver sound counsel to hotel developers and owners alike. This skill set has lead his team to become experts in many asset management and property receivership cases regionally. His background also includes leadership in providing technology, Internet and electronic distribution solutions for the hospitality industry. Sean has worked for nearly all the major U.S. hotel brands and fully understands the importance of applying integrated solutions to drive rate, maximize occupancy and improve overall distribution for hotels. His career has also included experience as GM and in Revenue Management. Sean is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Report for the Hospitality Industry by Grey Hospitality

Why is Congress dragging their feet? This is the reality… the lodging industry is estimated to report a "50 percent, nearly $125 billion-dollar loss in 2020 making this year the worst year in history for the hotel industry, just the hotels and not travel overall.