Don DeMarinis

Senior Vice President Sales, Americas

Don DeMarinisDon joined Agilysys as Senior Vice President Sales, Americas in January 2018. His primary responsibilities are to look after the company’s global marketing efforts and to lead Agilysys’ sales activities in the Americas region; designing innovative sales strategies, and accelerating revenue growth across Agilysys’ vertical industry markets. Don brings extensive industry experience and a track record of success in selling technology and services to global clients across hospitality markets. He previously served as Vice President, Sports & Entertainment, Foodservice Management globally at Oracle/MICROS, and as Vice President, Leisure & Entertainment at MICROS prior to its acquisition by Oracle. Most recently, he served as Chief Commercial Officer at QikServe, a cloud-based service that enables self-service ordering through mobile, web and kiosk channels, where he led the development of scalable, global, revenue generating channels. In addition, DeMarinis has helped a number of companies, including Gusto and Brolin Retail Systems, build successful sales processes and aggressively grow their customer base.
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The Power of Guest Choice

There is a time for everything, and COVID-19 has put technology at center stage, enabling hoteliers to deliver an inviting, satisfying, and safe guest centric experience. In today's environment, if you cannot make guests feel safe, then not much else will matter.

Visioning a Post-COVID Era in Guest-Facing Tech

Since its onset, the global health pandemic has undoubtedly represented an upheaval of the hospitality market with virtually all industry professionals recognizing a need to reevaluate their offerings to conform to new guest needs, behaviors and expectations.