Silvia Kirkland Zese

Hotel Business and Rooms Division Professional

Silvia Kirkland ZeseMy name is Silvia Kirkland Zese, I am a fairly seasoned hotelier from Italy with around 15 years of experience in the hospitality business, mainly in Rooms Division - including Front Office, Guest Services, Concierge, PBX, Housekeeping, Laundry and Uniform Room, Guest Relations, VIP Operations, Revenue and Reservations, and Night Audit. I have spent the last 18 years of my life moving around Italy first, then Europe and the US due to school and job opportunities. After graduating from University of Bologna, my first hotel job was a seasonal position in a Resort & Convention Center in Greece, which was sort of a coincidence but it directed me towards my path, the same path I am still following 14 years later. When I returned from Greece I started the International Master in Tourism and Leisure in Trieste (Italy), graduated the following year and began my hotel career right after. My most recent move has been from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Washington DC, where I currently live. Following the successful opening of a boutique 5 star property in downtown DC, which unfortunately closed only 6 weeks later due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I am now unemployed, as unfortunately too many of my colleagues, waiting for our beloved industry to recover, hoping for better times to come soon for all of us, and open to the opportunity to find a new company and a new hotel that I can call home again.
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A major shout out to all Housekeeping Departments in all properties and all over the world, for being able to cope with the new needs brought by pandemic. With no doubt this has been the department most affected and most challenged by the virus reality.

Embracing Change Management

As I have already mentioned, lately I have been browsing hospitality groups online and asked questions within my network, in order to get a closer look and better understand what are the struggles people are going through in our industry, what are the questions they have, what myself and all of us can do to help and support each other.

Will Hospitality Get Its Talent Back When The Pandemic Is Over?

If you have never been a writer like me, and all of a sudden you have to improvise yourself one, you start thinking about what style you should use, who you should target, and most importantly what your approach should be.

The Guest Is Always Right... Or, Are They?

In the service industry, there is a famous myth we are taught, which we base our philosophy on throughout our careers.