Akanksha Ghildiyal

Marketing Communications Lead at SatisFIND

Akanksha  Ghildiyal

Akanksha currently works as Marketing Communications Lead at SatisFIND, a company co-founded by a fellow Les Roches Alumnus. At Les Roches, Akanksha was elected Class Delegate, secured a Distinction, was appointed Graduate Student Voice for the Postgraduate Diploma batch of 2019.2, and received the Career Services Department award for Excellence in Career and Professional Development. Prior to this, she worked with two large restaurant companies in Mumbai, India as Marketing Executive and Assistant Manager- Brand Marketing and Communication respectively. Akanksha also actively participated in the pre-opening and re-branding of reputed restaurant brands across India and the Middle East, before being offered a partial scholarship to Les Roches Crans-Montana Global Hospitality Education. Her Undergraduate degree in Engineering coupled with her first work experience as an Analyst at BNP Paribas honed her analytical skills, enabling Akanksha to work effectively in a dynamic environment. Following her stint at BNP Paribas, she chose to pursue her passion - Hospitality. Being new to the industry, she worked pro-bono with an NGO for Cancer patients and acquired Marketing skills on the job. Across her professional roles, Akanksha has initiated knowledge-sharing and mentorship activities. She has worked collaboratively with management to streamline processes that benefit not only customers but also employees. Akanksha enjoys baking, experimenting with new recipes, reading, K-dramas, catching up with friends, and meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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