Cassia Patel

Program Director of Oceanic Global

Cassia PatelCassia Patel is the Program Director of Oceanic Global, a global NGO that engages new audiences in ocean conservation. Her work with Oceanic Global includes overseeing their grassroots initiatives, policy reform efforts, educational programming, and managing The Oceanic Standard (TOS), a free set of industry-specific resources for adopting sustainable practices that meet both business and environmental needs with a focus on eliminating single-use plastics and improving waste management. Cassia has formal training as an environmental engineer, underwater research biologist, and in sustainable design.

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Hospitality stakeholders: Why is COP26 important?

It is undeniable that climate change is threatening the health and fundamental livelihoods of our communities around the world today. While climate science data can feel massive and overwhelming, there are many tangible actions businesses in the travel and tourism industry can take to drive meaningful positive change in the sector.

Sustainability-driven legislation: setting the right conditions for hospitality?

Central to Oceanic Global's mission is the desire to drive behavior change. We focus at the community level with grassroots action, industry level with business leadership, and at the policy level with legislative reform, and we need action at all three to truly create lasting change.

Responsible travel: How do we make booking sustainable hotels easier?

Even in the face of a global recession and pandemic, consumer demand for businesses to demonstrate sustainable practices and planetary stewardship has only increased. People want to support businesses that embody their beliefs and are willing to pay more.

Driving Resiliency and Sustainability in Hospitality: Five Priorities for 2021

Resiliency and sustainability are certainly top of mind and are absolutely achievable even during this unprecedented challenging moment. 1. I may begin by adding another "R" term here: Regeneration.