Magno Fugisawa

Global Market Manager

Magno FugisawaSales, Marketing and Channel Executive focused on business development with solid achievements within Information Technology arena at large enterprises and partners.
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Have you heard of the term ‘Bleisure’?

Bleisure is a combination of the words ‘business’ and ‘leisure’ and, with that in mind, bleisure travel refers to the concept of combining professional business travel with personal leisure time.

Hyperconnected Hotels: Technological services most valued by guests

As a consequence of the pandemic caused by COVID19, the tourism sector suffered huge impacts due to low occupancy rates. Considering the situation, some chains undertook a series of infrastructure, design and even construction projects in order to improve their services for once this global emergency has passed.

Furukawa Electric: Not only offering network infrastructure, but also a 6-star service for the hotel sector

The Hospitality industry has often been faced with the challenge of reinventing itself. It couldn't be otherwise, after all, it was one of the pioneers in the development of the Customer Experience concept working the entire supply chain that operates behind the scenes in order to delight its demanding customers.

Behind The Curtains, The Infrastructure Industry Works To Ensure Your Best Experience And Safety

The hospitality industry was hit hard by COVID-19, with significant impacts for the entire chain in its surroundings. Most people postponed their business or leisure travel plans overnight, bringing to the surface many uncertainties about the future of this market.