Ramsay Rankoussi

Vice President, Development, Africa & Turkey, Radisson Hotel Group

Ramsay Rankouss

Based in Dubai, Ramsay leads Radisson Hotel Group’s strategic growth across Africa & Turkey, with a team based in Dubai and Cape Town. He recently expanded his role as the Head of Development for Africa, further demonstrating the commitment of the company across the continent .

Tasked with increasing the Group’s hotel portfolio and footprint in his assigned markets, Ramsay is an expert dealmaker, leading transactions from sourcing through to execution.

He is proficient in legal contract negotiations, due diligence and financial analysis. He oversees the underwriting, strategic planning, investment analysis and asset management activities for all type of deal structuring, including conversions and take overs, financial commitments, franchise and straight management agreements.

A Belgian national, Ramsay is fluent in multiple languages and with a multi-cultural background. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an MBA specialized in Hotel Real Estate Finance and Asset Management from the ESSEC Business School (IMHI) in Paris.

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