David Salcfas

Founder of iYou Hospitality Consulting

David SalcfasDavid Salcfas is founder of iYou Hospitality Consulting and consultant at Cayuga Hospitality Consultants. As a veteran in the hospitality industry, he has developed expertise around refining your interview skills and assistance with operating in a diverse labor union market. David has served as an Executive Committee Member in twenty one positions at fifteen hotels across five brands and several restaurants. David serves as the New York City Business Council Chairperson and is on the Board of Directors for the Hotel Association of New York City. David earned his Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management and Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University and takes an active role as an Alumni, including mentoring and participating in speakers panels for the college.

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There is a reason why professional athletes practice so often. It isn't that they don't know how to play the sport they are being paid to play. The reason why professionals practice is so that they succeed the first time.