Eric Debétaz

Consultant at EHL Advisory Services

Eric  DebétazEric is a certified hospitality facilitator & program leader at professional, bachelor & postgraduate levels, he has managed both student and faculty learning experiences, aligned curriculum, and assessments with latest teaching practice, as well as remodeled & delivered various hospitality modules. Eric is an EHL alumnus, he has strong experience in hospitality operations & strategic management (luxury hotels, upscale catering & events, gambling). He is a result oriented professional with a passion for knowledge transmission, a reliable team player & leader, an adaptable multi-tasker and IT specialist.

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Insurance Industry Trends And The Role Of Hospitality Skills

As with many other sectors, the banking and insurance industries have experienced tremendous changes over the past few years. Consumer demands, behavior and expectations have put pressure on these businesses to adjust, adapt and ensure that they remain relevant and helpful for their target customers.

Issues In The Banking Industry: Hospitality Skills To The Rescue

Developments in technology have resulted in a wealth of changes across all industries. Not only has technology changed the capabilities available to businesses, but it has also caused shifts in the realm of consumer culture and customer expectations.