David Woolenberg

Chief Executive Officer at Duetto

David WoolenbergWoolenberg joined Duetto as Chief Revenue Officer in 2018. He was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer a year later after a period of record growth. As a member of Duetto’s senior leadership team, Woolenberg implemented a customer-focused business strategy and spearheaded new initiatives to better understand challenges faced by hoteliers, translating that knowledge to impactful product enhancements. Last year Duetto increased revenue by 40 percent. Prior to Duetto, Woolenberg spent more than 15 years in various leadership positions at Digital River, a global e-commerce solutions company
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Moving Forward From 2020

While 2020 has proved a challenging year, we have learned a lot, and there are glimmers of hope as we move into 2021. The pandemic has promoted massive technological innovation and has led to many of us changing our habits, shifting our priorities, and looking forward in a new way.