Katerina Garefou

Operations Manager, The Alfred Hotel Amsterdam

Katerina GarefouMy name is Katerina Garefou. I have been born and grown up in Greece where tourism is the basic factor of economy and a way of living. After my studies in Economics and working in Intellectual Property Rights Organisation for more than two years, where I got a great experience in coordinating, I decided to turn my attention towards to tourism in a professional way. I managed to transform my interest to work, being daily in a multi- cultural environment, taking satisfaction and keeping observing. In the meantime, I was keeping myself updated in the area of Management and mostly Human Recourses which is my career target . After moving in Amsterdam, I kept working in the tourism field through a technocratic way. I consider my job in the hotel as hobby with some responsibilities. This motivated me to start my Masters in Hospitality and Tourism Management. My main duties as Operations Manager in a group of hotels is coordinating, training, communicating with guests, contriving and applying methods that improve the hotel operations. The most important task though, as I consider, is keeping my colleagues happy and satisfied of their working environment. This makes our daily routine easier and the business more profitable as the productivity is increasing. Willingness in working and studying hard in order to achieve working targets are for me the highest professional skills that are required to achieve success. Having as strengths: passion and targeting are important and the rest will follow as aftereffects.
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