Craig Jacobs


Craig JacobsAn innovative, strategic, team-oriented leader in the Hospitality Industry with expertise in sales, marketing, revenue generation and communications. Leadership experience includes: Co-Founder and Sr. Vice President of a software small business focused on text messaging in hospitality industry: 2015-2020 Sr. Vice President of Group Sales and Managing Director at Preferred Hotel Group: 2004-2015 GM and Director of Sales and Marketing at the Hotel Del Coronado: 1998-2004 Director of Sales and Marketing at the Arizona Biltmore: 1991-1998
Insights by Craig Jacobs (4)

Will COVID Make Hospitality Stronger

Profound change in the Meetings and Hospitality Industries is on the verge. Hybrid conferences, food and beverage offerings and new cleanliness and service protocols will scramble current standard operating procedures, profit and loss statements, staffing, pricing and the definition of Luxury.

Leisure in the Time of COVID

Competition for local and regional leisure business among hotels is unusually intense for the painfully obvious reason that COVID has curbed everything else. To generate leisure demand, properties invest in digital marketing including social media, SEO, paid search, and display advertising.

Hybrid Meetings Impact on Group Business

Who could have predicted a year ago that Zoom would be a major disruptive influence in the Meetings Industry? Years of speculation about the threat to hotels from videoconferencing was much ado about nothing until the Pandemic.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

As we recover from the ravages of the Pandemic and the hospitality industry re-emerges from its devastation, the good news is that there is unprecedented opportunity for improvement. Much of the upcoming change is directly related to the virus and is well underway; improved cleanliness standards, solutions to minimize germ spreading, and the re-invention of hotel dining among them.