Kemp Gallineau

CEO Groups360

Kemp GallineauKemp Gallineau is president and CEO of Groups360, which he cofounded in 2014 to simplify and transform the way meetings are booked. He has been in hospitality for 21 years. Prior to Groups360, he worked for Gaylord Entertainment Company, where he started as vice president and assistant general manager at Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando. He later rose to senior vice president and chief sales officer for Gaylord Hotels in Nashville, Tennessee.

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The current industry standard for booking hotel rooms and conference space is like a canyon, with meeting planners and hotel inventory separated by a massive chasm — a lack of trust and transparency filling the void between.

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While the pandemic has wreaked havoc on companies around the world, the crisis has also accelerated technological innovation and adaptation at an unprecedented rate.