Michelle McKinney

President, Strategy & Transformation & Chief Financial Officer, CWT


Proven senior executive with ability to deliver key strategic and business insights, drive improved financial results, and serve as a key partner to business leaders. Deep experience leading through transformative change and in a crisis. Experience spans both large public companies and private equity including playing a key leadership role in an IPO, carve out, and strategic sale. Excellent analytical skills and an ability to turn financial metrics and decisions into improved financial visibility and operating results. Excellent communication skills with the ability to translate complex financial and business issues into understandable action oriented discussions. Experience with all facets of the CFO role as well as leading large scale M&A operations, facilities, procurement, strategic sourcing, technology, HR, and compliance. Strong leader with the ability to transform functions into value added business partners within the organization. Demonstrated ability to identify talent and develop strong teams, and to drive change within an organization. Led multiple successful large scale technology and outsourcing initiatives, including business change as well as system and process implementations.

40 avenue Pierre Lefaucheux
Boulogne Billancourt Cedex, 92772
Phone: +33 (0)1 41 33 65 00


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