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Partner of Strategy Solutions Partners

Bob HollandBob Holland has been a partner of Strategy Solutions Partners since December 2015. He believes the foundation of success begins with building relationships based on mutual respect and trust, and delivering results through aligned, unified goals. And he knows how to deliver on that belief. With a proven track record of creating enthusiastic and cohesive teams, Bob brings over 45 years of diverse hospitality experience to SSP, heading up the Operations Support Services business line. He is known as a creative and strategic leader who thrives in challenging environments. He has established a solid history of producing substantive financial improvements at both the revenue and profit levels, while demonstrating an unyielding emphasis on improving customer experience and increasing associate engagement. Bob has held a broad range of corporate and hotel-based positions with some of the industry’s most highly recognized global hotel brands, independent luxury properties, and pre-eminent third-party management companies. Among his significant accomplishments are overseeing the hurricane restoration, rebranding, and re-launching the Five Star “Resort at Pedregal” (now the Waldorf Astoria) in Cabo San Lucas; tenure as VP Human Resources at Interstate Hotels; and successfully overseeing more than 150 global hotel openings as VP Openings for Wyndham Hotels and Resorts including directing the significant renovation and rebranding of the group’s Grand Chicago Riverfront Hotel.

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The Top Ten “Blocking And Tackling Areas” Every Hotel Operator Needs To Hit During COVID19

While the Covid-19 Pandemic has devastated our industry in many ways, it has also served as a terrific opportunity to "get ahead of the curve" – allowing us to operate from a much stronger position when the tide turns.

(Re)alignment Of Human Resources Value: A Case Study

The Human Resources department is notorious for making, or breaking, a company. The culture, employee extrinsic motivation, and more- is all on HR. No truer words have been spoken for Bob Holland, Associate Partner at Strategic Solution Partners, who has previous first-hand experience dealing with the effects of an underperforming HR discipline.