Bill Scanlon

President and Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Solution Partners

Bill ScanlonBill Scanlon is President and Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Solution Partners. Founded in 2007, Strategic Solution Partners is recognized as a valued resource for interim support, consulting and creative problem solving within the Hospitality Industry.. Bill has over 25 years in sales and marketing leadership with Marriott, Wyndham and several independent owner operators.Bill began his career in the hospitality industry with Marriott and spent 20 years moving through a series of progressive assignments on a regional, national and international level culminating with a role as Vice-President Caribbean, Central and South Americas. Following, his tenure as Senior Vice-President of Sales & Marketing at HEI Hotels and Resorts and a consulting assignment with Wyndham Worldwide led to a position with Hotel Group as their Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing where he spent 2.5 years growing revenue for their $1.5B portfolio of companies.

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April’s unemployment rate is at 6.1% but the lodging sector’s unemployment rate is at 13.8% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is where it was also 30 years ago. Although the industry is seeing a demand for jobs, the labor pool is shallow.

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Now more than ever, the utilization of home-based resources is key to maintaining a productive, and profitable, workforce. As the hospitality industry grapples with COVID-19, many companies are looking for ways to reduce overhead, maintain efficiencies and leverage any opportunities to create revenue.