Isaiah Morrow

MBA Candidate at Northern Arizona University

Isaiah MorrowI am currently a graduate student at Northern Arizona University pursuing a Master in Business Administration with an emphasis in applied management. I have two undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and Finance.
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Vaccine Passports: The Future Of Travel?

Vaccine "passports" show whether someone has been vaccinated or recently tested negative for COVID-19. A COVID "passport" would allow people to freely travel, attend concerts, or attend sporting events without getting tested.

Hotel Lodging or a Cruise Ship Residence versus an Assisted Living Community: A Cost and Lifestyle Comparison

You might consider checking into a Marriott and not a retirement community or assisted living facility for your future living arrangements. The average cost for assisted living care is about $275.00 a day and checking reservations at the Fairfield by Marriott the rate was about $79 a night when you combine a long-term stay discount and senior discount.