Julien Guittet

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Julien Guittet Julien Guittet is specialised in hotel and real estate valuations. He has developed recognised expertise in financial analysis (financial modelling) and due diligence for the acquisition of hotels, real estate, commercial property and mixed-use assets. Julien provides project managers with operator and investor selection advice and regularly conducts market and feasibility studies. He has notably undertaken a vast number of assignments in France (Paris, Alps, Côte d’Azur) and abroad (Eastern Europe Africa), focusing on hotel projects that integrate a leisure component. Julien is a graduate of ESSEC (Cornell University, Specialisation: Real Estate Finance).
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The five keys to successfully negotiating an off-plan hotel lease, for hotel owners

More than ever, off-plan hotel leases[1] are making headlines in the leisure real estate industry. Stemming from real estate law professional practices, off-plan hotel leases reconcile the legal and financial interests of three distinct actors: the developer (seller), the investor (owner) and the operator (tenant).