Charlie MacGregor

CEO & Founder of TSH and a Student of Life

Charlie MacGregor

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality / student / co-working & co - living industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, Coaching, and Sales. Understands private equity and investor business well. Strong business professional who is a natural disruptor.

Insights by Charlie MacGregor (3)

A call to move gender diversity from female fight to industry fight

“There is a big difference between equality and equity, and that has been the biggest learning for me in the past years. Last year, as we relooked at our management team's structure, we knew we had to make changes and be more diverse.

Ranking Human Capital from “taking them for granted” "the" link to success

Our NPS scores during COVID were high. In fact, they were higher than ever and that's because of our people intuitively grasping that we did not just want our guests to feel safe and comfortable, but also making sure they had a great time and felt connected with other members of our community.

A look back on 2020... Lessons learned

At The Student Hotel, we have remained open during the pandemic – albeit with fewer guests and restricted facilities. Because of our hybrid model and the flexibility this gives us, we can change the allocation of our rooms and re-designate hotel rooms to student accommodation.