Zuhairah Washington

SVP, Strategic Partners, Lodging and Vacation Rental, Expedia Group

Zuhairah  WashingtonZuhairah is a Senior Technology Executive, Public Company Board Director (NASDAQ: FIVE), and Angel Investor who delivers billion-dollar outcomes for start-ups to Fortune 500 leaders Expedia Group (NASDAQ: EXPE) and Uber (NYSE: UBER). She brings 15+ years of experience in hyper scalability across complex B2B and B2C environments, navigating digital transformation and business model disruption in consumer, hospitality/travel, real estate, retail, fintech, transportation, logistics, and e-commerce marketplace businesses. As SVP & GM of Global Lodging Strategic Partnerships and Vacation Rentals across all brands at Expedia Group, Zuhairah leads a global team of 250+ and is accountable for billions in revenue. She is passionate about discovering win/win, strategic unlocks that grow the pie, and cement her role as a trusted advisor, asking the right questions.

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