Dr. Donald W. Wise

Consultant with Strategic Solution Partners

Dr. Donald Wise

Dr. Donald W. Wise is a consultant with Strategic Solution Partners and a tenured multiple award-winning senior investment banking executive with extensive domestic advisory and consulting experience. Wise is the Co-founder and Senior Managing Director of Turnbull Capital Group. The Turnbull Capital Group team has executed approximately $19.5 billion of hospitality transactions, debt and equity placements, restructuring, bankruptcies, and lender owner real estate over the past 37 years. Prior to founding Turnbull Capital Group, Wise was the founder of CBRE Hotels, a division of the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm. He was also the founder of the Global Hospitality Industry Leisure and Hospitality Investment Banking hospitality lending practice at Johnson Capital in 2007, which is now Walker & Dunlop.

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Why Now Is The Best Time To Finance

Winter is officially over, and although the capital markets for hotel and resort refinance, acquisition and new-build construction lending have been frozen, they have been stealthily thawing out since the first of the year.