Michael Heflin

Chief Revenue Officer, StayNTouch

Michael HeflinMichael Heflin serves as StayNTouch’s Chief Revenue Officer, overseeing all revenue functions, strategic partnerships, and and client success.He benefits from over a decade of leadership and industry experience, including serving as the President of Andrew Harper, a high-end travel agency, as the SVP of Hotels for Internova Travel Group, as well as the EVP & COO of Anglepoint, where he was responsible for executing global financial strategies.
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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Solve Major Deficiencies in Hospitality

It's a mistake to think that advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will come at the expense of more human notions of high-touch service. While optimized booking and hyper-targeted messaging are certainly beneficial, nothing will replace the effect that a kind smile and a warm hello can have on the guest experience.

In the Battle for Recovery, Choice is KING!

Although we appear to be moving past the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality market seems to be recovering by fits and starts. By July 2021 for example, Daily TSA Passenger Throughput 一 a common proxy to measure travel volume 一 reached approximately 80% of pre-pandemic levels.

The contactless guest journey is here to stay, or is it?

It's a common misconception that delivering a high-tech guest experience must come at the expense of personalized, high-touch service 一 or that all “high-touch” interactions equally benefit the guest experience.

Revenge Travel: How Your Hotel Can Respond & Prepare

After the coronavirus shutdowns, canceled vacation plans and too much time spent at home, people are rearing to start traveling again with their savings and accumulated travel miles. Learn how you can ensure that your property and team are prepared for the new age in travel.

Where does the PMS sit in the new technology stack?

As the founders of “unburdened hospitality”, I don't ever see a one size fits all approach to hospitality, or hospitality-tech, working for a marketplace as diverse as ours. Today, hospitality tech stack options range from hotel-in-a-box solutions that promise a full-suite of functionality in one application all the way to traditional “OS” type solutions which simply orchestrate the functionality of multiple applications cobbled together to operate a property.
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