Mark Bedard

Product Marketing Manager, Amadeus

Mark BedardMark Bedard has over 15 years of experience in designing and executing growth-centric marketing strategies for technology companies. In his role at the hospitality division of Amadeus he manages product marketing programs for the travel giant’s reservations, property management, and guest management solutions. When not helping support Amadeus’ global marketing efforts, Mark can be found trying not to fall off motocross bikes in the woods of New Hampshire, playing round back guitars, and exploring new recipes with his wife and children.
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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The American sitcom "Cheers" is ranked as one of the most popular television shows in history. Over 11 seasons and 275 episodes from 1982 – 1993, millions tuned in each week to see the latest happenings at local Boston drinking establishment "Cheers" (although we Bostonians know the show actually showed the exterior of the Bull & Finch pub).